• Dining at Double Cut


    Double Cut Charcoal Grill and Liquor Bar Steak Grilling

    When you claim that you’re adding a signature dining experience, every detail has to be considered to transform you from the stresses of business and life.

    The décor is modern, but not pretentious. The ambiance is sophisticated and multisensory, yet comfortable. The staff is educated, but not showy. The uniforms are unique, but classically tasteful.

    Like the restaurant itself, the menu departs from a classic steakhouse without chasing away traditionalists. Categories range from classic steaks and chops to seafood – including lobster tail. One quality many items share: the distinctive flavor imparted by Double Cut's charcoal grill.

    Transport into our contemporary steakhouse, featuring a menu with robust selections cooked over hot coals including steak, seafood, chops, chicken and vegetables.

    We said robust, right? Double Cut literally means so large that your jaw hits the table. Larger portions, tons of ambiance. There’s the dinner bell. Where’s that steak knife?